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In front of the others, to keep calm is a must. Stay calm, take a breath and go.I have dreams, big dreams. Enthusiasm in really believe in them. Pragmatism in making plans. So as to foresee and calculate every strategy, finding myself putting back the moment when I’ll act, always a little further on. I can see the results of my actions linking themselves one after the other, with a measured and natural rhythm. I can imagine them. They are in my mind, as if they were real. I open my eyes and they are real. A reality that I can touch. That is mine. If I grab it with faith.But I need calm, concentration and isolation. In loneliness you decide for yourself. Because, in the end, those decisions are really yours. And if you don’t have the courage to act, you’ll be overwhelmed by struggles and judgment. Keep calm then to evaluate hitches and alternative solutions. To be confident enough to get the strength that can take the tangle of thoughts and thrust it out with force. Then with order and direction.I need of the time of loneliness. That became anxiety, that turn into pressure. It moves forward and wrap me up in layers of padding that protect me and trap me at same time. It is like dipping your head in the water and the voices of the others became an echo that resound far away, all in a sudden. You are alone in front of yourself. It is just your instinct that can give a response to the truth of your thoughts.