Kettinge (DK) – Galleri Heike Arndt DK  – Opdagelser 2018

Berlin (DE) – Galleri Heike Arndt Berlin  –  Fresh Legs 2018

Berlin (DE) – Gallery Store in collaboration with EAF (Enter Art Foundation) – Alchemia with Enrico Zecchini



Berlin (DE) – EAF (Enter Art Foundation) – Kantgarage – Berlin art Exhibition / 49 Contemporary Artists


Berlin (DE) – Kunst am Spreeknie Art Festival. Zentralstation - Memorabilia #1

Berlin (DE) – Funkhaus – Open Studios


Berlin (DE) – Museum Europäischer Kulturen (MEK) - Erfüllbare Träume? Italienerinnen in Berlin. Sogni realizzabili? Italiane a Berlino curated by Rete Donne and MEK / 'RÜBER FRAUEN. Segni di una recente emigrazione femminile a Berlino, made in collaboration with Elena Giampaoli / collective 

Turin (IT) – Bookstock Village (Salone internazionale del libro di Torino) - Ti mando una cartolina

Berlin (DE) – HO Berlin - Peripher / Lifeshape / collective



Berlin (DE) – Joachim Rongs Galerie fuer Moderne Kunst / duo Rimondi&Orlandini

Savignano sul Rubicone (IT) – SI Fest / Adriatic Project coast to coast / collective

London (GB) – Lisa Norris Gallery / Worder Women / collective with the project What Remains by Rimondi&Orlandini

Turin (IT) – Bookstock Village (Salone internazionale del libro di Torino) - In Bianco e Nero



London (GB) – Lisa Norris Gallery / collective with the project Simulacrum of reality - Portrait of Katharina by Rimondi&Orlandini

Berlin (DE) – Temporary Gallery Laika / 48Stunden Neukolln - Wasser Project 

Turin (IT) – Bookstock Village (Salone internazionale del libro di Torino) - #tag 



Turin (IT) – OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni) The Photography interprets Italia150 / collective, with personal project Here Innovation

Turin (IT) – Bookstock Village (Salone internazionale del libro di Torino) - SMS in bottiglia



Turin(IT)  – Artissima The Photography interprets Italia 150 / collective, with personal project Here Innovation

Turin (IT) – Museo della Resistenza - Turin Heart / collective with personal project New Families



Savignano sul Rubicone, Rimini (IT) - SI Fest Project Moleskine / collective with personal project Orizzonte



Turin (IT) – Gam (Galleria di arte Moderna) Torino, città in trasformazione / collective



My research relates with the themes of identity, people, objects and space. The content of my works is a result of their interrelation and the subsequent processes of change.


After my University studies in Pedagogy and Anthropology, my move to Berlin and an immigration family history – my father comes from Histra, Croatia -, my approach as a photographer since many years has led the constant question “What does Identity means ?”.

It concerns your past, your family, your culture, the places you lived.


What are the roles of memory and remembering? How much the memory influences our present actions and attitude, and how much the remebrances distort the reality? How could we deal with it?


Embracing these questions I developed the projects such as “A Simulacrum of reality – portrait of Katharina”, “What Remains” and "Under the Skin" , in collaboration with the visual artist Jessica Rimondi.

My inner debate around the idea of Identity develops in the project of Memorabilia #1, about my father's family and the immigration of the '40s and '50s from Histria to Italy.

The installation developed for the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin “RÜBER FRAUEN. Segni di una recente emigrazione femminile a Berlino" focused on the expierences of Italian women moved in Berlin and theirs imagination about the future.

Is it really possible to say what identity is?

Is it something fixed or changing anytime?


Currently I'm focused on the identy's incessant transition process, through fragility and empowerment, as a constant conflict between order and caos.



Plaster, dust, soil, ash, lead and other remains are what I'm using to create original surfaces, on which I transfer and integrate my photographs and screenprints. The accidental side of the process is symbolic and at the same time an integral part of the artworks.




Ornella Orlandini was born in Italy (Turin) in 1980. She lives and works in Berlin. She has a BA in Education from the University of Turin and an MA in Photography from the European Institut of Design in Turin. Between 2005 and 2006 she produced the first two works of her research project: Fra-m-menti (series of part of a distorted body) and Tempo di andare (series of self-timer mode photos in the night time). In 2007 she took part in a collective exhibition at GAM (Gallery of Modern Art of Turin). The works displayed were the final selection of the Bruna Biamino's workshop on the interpretation of city's landscape. In 2008 Ornella published the book Venaria. Città Reale (Edizioni Gruppo Abele) and the next year her photographs were featured in the book Un viaggio alla Venaria Reale (Daniela Piazza Editore). Since 2009 she is devoting herself also to portrait and reportage, working as a free lance photographer for different companies and national magazines such as Panorama Economy, Gente, Io Donna and Vanity Fair. In 2009 she worked for the Don Bosco Foundation in the project Family of Families: 100 portraits of the families connected to the Foundation. Some of these portraits were displayed in 2011 at the Turin Heart exhibition at the Resistance Museum of Turin. In 2011, she participated in a photographic project financed by the Piedmont Region for the celebration of the 150th. Her photographic project, Here Innovation, was to show the situation of innovation in Italy by taking portraits of 15 start-up companies based in Turin. For the International Book Fair of Turin and in collaboration with the Bookstock Village, from 2011 to 2014 she made four photographic portrait projects, Sms in bottiglia, #tag, In bianco e nero and Ti mando una cartolina, produced and exposed during the four Fair editions. In 2012 she restarted working on her personal research about psychological topics (between conscious and unconscious), sociology and memory. Between 2012 and 2013 she made Wasser Projekt, a series of portraits in the water. In 2013 Ornella started a collaboration with the visual artist Jessica Rimondi. They produced “A Simulacrum of reality – portrait of Katharina”, “What Remains” and "Under the Skin" three projects realized with painting interventions on pictures, that analyse the topics of memory and remembrance. The first two projects have been shown in London at Lisa Norris Gallery. Some part of the tird project have been shown in Turin at Opere Scelte Gallery.

She currently has been working on artistic project focused on identity. She made Sequenza, a registration of a boulevard rest, A collective summer, an abandoned summer camp in Cesenatico (FC - Italy),  Lifeshape, a particular gaze of natur. In collaboration with the association Rete Donne e V., she took part of the exhibition “Erfüllbare Träume? Italienerinnen in Berlin. Sogni realizzabili? Italiane a Berlino”, at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin, with the art installation " 'RÜBER FRAUEN. Segni di una recente emigrazione femminile a Berlino". Ten plexiglass boxes present, through interviews, photographic portraits and personal objects, the stories of ten italian women moved to Berlin during the last five years.

Since 2016 she starts experimenting using rest of differet materials (dust, soil, ash) and plaster to create surface on wich she tranferts her photographs.